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Dear Sir/Madam:

Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) is currently inviting students from overseas universities to apply for the Nagaoka Summer School for Young Engineers (NASSYE) in 2017. This program is open to students in their third year of university undergraduate programs and students in their first year of master's programs. The program also offers students the opportunity to participate in research on topics set by the laboratories at NUT, as well as conduct collaborative work with NUT students in Nagaoka, Japan.

Our university will accept 20 students for 2017 Nagaoka Summer School for Young Engineers (NASSYE). The students participating in this program will receive the scholarship.

All programs of NASSYE will be conducted in English.

We would appreciate if you could let the eligible applicants know the details of this program. And it is highly appreciated if you kindly put the enclosed poster on the notice board in your department. Please note that the application deadline is on April 21, 2017.

Application Procedure and Details:

All correspondence should be made to:
Division of International Affairs,
Nagaoka University of Technology,
1603-1, Kamitomioka, Nagaoka, Niigata, 940-2188 JAPAN
Phone: +81-258-47-9238
Fax: +81-258-47-9283

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,


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